5 JJA Speakers Who Are Worth Learning About

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Adam Goldenberg – Here are just a few of Adam Goldenberg’s accomplishments thus far: Head Speechwriter for the Leader of the Opposition, Graduate of Yale Law School, Clerk for the Ontario Court of Appeal, Weekly Panelist on CBC’s The National, Founder of an Education Not-For Profit. And here’s the best part: he’s still not even close to 30 years old.

JJA Speaker Profile: Adam Goldenberg

Warren Macdonald – Warren has been a mainstay on the speaking circuit for a long time but he’s more than worthy of your attention. He’s the first above-the-knee double amputee to summit Mount Everest. Just think about that for a second – he climbed the tallest and most daunting Mountain in the world as a double amputee. It’s really incredible – he’s an Australian bloke who now resides in Alberta and he’s a super inspirational guy.

JJA Speaker Profile: Warren Macdonald

Stephen Carter – With the election coming up in 2015, this is a man whose words are worth listening very closely to. He was an integral part in orchestrating Naheed Nenshi’s out-of-nowhere victory to become Mayor of Calgary and helped orchestrate Allison Redford’s improbable election win when everyone thought she was doomed. This guy understands what makes people get out there and vote, how to flip the lightswitch on and get voters’ attention.

JJA Speaker Profile: Stephen Carter

Marc Emery – ‘The Prince of Pot’ is out of prison and he has a lot to say. Extradited to the United States for a nearly 5 year prison sentence, Marc Emery is home and the debate around marijuana legalization has totally shifted in his absence. He is Canada’s most famous drug legalization activist, a man who counts Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg among his supporters. You will be seeing his name a lot between now and election day in October 2015.

JJA Speaker Profile: Marc Emery

Mary-Ann Kirkby – Canada is home to the largest Hutterite population in the world. Most Canadians didn’t know much about the mysterious Hutterite community, but thousands more do now as Mary-Ann Kirkby has lifted the veil with her bestselling books “I Am A Hutterite” and “Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen.” She spent the first 10 years of her life living in a remote Hutterite community; the stories are incredible and she has emerged as an amazing ambassador for her community. And most importantly, she illuminates that Canadians of different backgrounds share so much more in common than they do apart.

JJA Speaker Profile: Mary Ann Kirkby

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