Alex Kenjeev

President, O’Leary Ventures

Investor, CNBC’s ‘Make Me A Millionaire Investor’

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Alex Kenjeev

Alex Kenjeev is Kevin O’Leary’s right-hand man.

As President of O’Leary Ventures, he negotiates with, oversees and mentors a portfolio of rapidly growing businesses across many industries, including beverages, hospitality, technology and many other sectors. Some of the more well known businesses Alex has overseen include Zipz, Honeyfund and Ruckpack. Recently, Shark Tank surpassed $100,000,000 in investments and Alex has been a big part of that.

In addition, he co-founded a software company that was acquired three years later for more than $100 million. Alex is an investor CNBC’s *Make Me a Millionaire Inventor*, a frequent contributor on CTV, and some say, a bit of a weird dude.

Alex Kenjeev

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