Cabral Richards

Host and Producer, Cabbie Presents

One of Canada’s Most Revered Sports Interviewers and Correspondents

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Cabral Richards

Cabbie, as we all know him, has brought a fresh approach to sports reporting. His in-your-face style of interviewing the world’s best athletes is absolutely hilarious and has gained him fame across North America. From his ongoing “friendship” saga with Kobe to his dressing room insiders with NHL elites, Cabbie has amassed a lifetime worth of stories in just a few short years.

Cabral “Cabbie” Richards is the host and producer of Cabbie Presents, a weekly segment on TSN’s Sportscentre, Canada’s highest rated special channel. Richards mixes it up with high profile athletes in his light-hearted segments. Richards remains a special correspondent for The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. In this role, Cabbie offers a male perspective on issues, while hitting the streets talking to everyday Canadians.

As a student at Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program, Richards found his calling in front of the camera. As an intern with The Score in 2001, he pitched his own show – Cabbie on the Street. The show evolved from a set of five-minute sports interviews to a popular half-hour weekly segment. Now known as Cabbie Unlimited, Richards offered outrageous and entertaining interviews with popular sports stars.

Flexible to your needs, Cabbie can share his story on taking a different spin on traditional journalism, host functions, games and sporting events, all the while giving the most in depth inside look at all our favourite sports stars.

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