Corey Hirsch

Former NHL Goaltender

Mental Health Advocate

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Corey Hirsch

Corey is a former National Hockey League goaltender, playing professionally for 13 seasons in a career that included winning a silver medal for Canada at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games and as a member of the Stanley Cup winning New York Rangers. Panic attacks and obsessive thoughts plagued much of his NHL career until he finally confided in a team trainer who found him the help he needed. He was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Recently, Corey publicly told his gripping story to The Players Tribune. It was a riveting and emotional article on being a suicide survivor and struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder while playing in the NHL.The response to the article was truly overwhelming.

Corey is now taking his life experience and helping raise awareness about mental health issues in the community. The hope is that by bringing mental health struggles out in the open and reducing stigma, those that have been suffering silently can access the help they desperately need – and deserve.

Corey Hirsch

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