Mario Pilozzi

Former CEO, Wal-Mart Canada

No-Holds Barred Business Speaker

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Mario Pilozzi

Get an insider’s perspective on one of Canada’s most successful business transformations, Wal-Mart Canada. Who better to provide this perspective than the man who led the Wal-Mart team through this transformation and unprecedented period of expansion, Mario Pilozzi, the former CEO of Wal-Mart Canada?

This is the company that is known for its meteoric growth, its legendary efficient distribution and its powerful customer attraction. Wal-Mart’s arrival in Canada led the way for other big box stores, and had a major effect on many Canadian businesses beyond retail. Manufacturers came face-to-face with volume demands they had never seen; shipping and distribution services transformed themselves into supply-chain experts; and commercial real estate developed a whole new face in the expanding suburbs and rural areas. Wal-Mart’s arrival in Canada was a game-changer, and everyone has something to learn from that story.

Success in management is not industry specific: This is a story that has something for all segments of your audience: municipalities, manufacturers, technology, retailers, academe and research. “It is all about the people” says Pilozzi “and people are the common denominator to every organization”.

Mr. Pilozzi’s presentations are illustrated with great stories that resonate with his audiences. They also include no-holds-barred question and answer sessions that are lively, informative and a highlight of every presentation. This is a talk for those who want to learn about how Wal-Mart works so that they can apply those lessons to their own organizations.

As an ICD graduate of the Rotman School of Business, Mario currently sits on a couple of corporate boards. He also consults internationally for different retail formats.


Son of an immigrant family, Mario Pilozzi spent his entire career in retail. He began that career stocking shelves at Woolworth’s in Montreal and worked his way up through almost every job in the company. He earned a series of positions with increasing responsibilities within both Woolworth and Woolco, and was a Vice President in charge of merchandise at the time of the Wal-Mart takeover. Mario was then promoted to the top merchandising position and soon thereafter was tapped to lead the entire Canadian team.

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