Tamara Beatty

Voice Coach Consultant on NBC’s “The Voice”

Regarded as one of World’s Top Voice Coaches

Communication and Content Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

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Tamara Beatty

Tamara Beatty is entering her ninth season as a Voice Coach Consultant on the NBC Emmy Award-winning show “The Voice”, has over two decades of experience as a voice and performance coach, is a former competitive athlete coached by three Olympic coaches, and is a highly sought after consultant in the fields of education and entertainment. She has created and co-authored materials that educate singers and singing instructors around the world and has instructionally designed online courses for some of Canada’s largest oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, and HR companies. In addition, Tamara has been a guest speaker, adjudicator, panelist, and consultant for various national and international events. Tamara draws on the two seemingly opposite worlds of the music industry and corporate and provides unique insights into how professionals can be more effective and powerful as speakers, leaders, salespeople, and communicators by using various voice and performance techniques, discovering their “IT” Factors, and speaking, living, and leading from their ‘actual’ voices.

How do you show up so that you are remembered over everyone else? What ways do you articulate your message so that millions respond to you? Coach, speaker, and educator Tamara Beatty makes her living by finding and drawing out the unique qualities inside each individual that make them memorable and even ‘brandable’, building the right skills to change amateur ‘performances’ into professional ones, and shaping ‘content’ so audiences see you as an authority and want to take action on you. Join her for one of her unique and compelling talks, or transformational live coaching sessions.

Tamara Beatty

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