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Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Freestyle Skiing

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Alexandre Bilodeau

Originally from Rosemère, Alexandre Bilodeau fell in love with freestyle skiing after having seen the spectacular performance of Quebecker Jean-Luc Brassard in Lillehammer, in 1994. On the trail of his idol, he became, at the age of 14, the best junior Canadian in three disciplines: jumps, moguls and dual moguls. He joined the national freestyle moguls ski team at 17 years old and participated in the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006, where he ended up in 11th place. That same year, he won his first competition at the World Cup and became the youngest Moguls freestyle skier to make it to the highest podium in this discipline. He ended the 2005-2006 season in second place in the final medal results.

Bilodeau’s ascent pursued in 2008-2009 and he won the World Championships in dual moguls and also came in first at the World Cup in freestyle dual moguls. Last February, he was vindicated when he won the first gold medal on Canadian soil at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Bilodeau started out the competition on Sunday, February 14th in favourable conditions. This was unlike the previous day for the women in which they skied in rain, sleet and generally slushy conditions. He finished the qualification run in 2nd place overall. In the final Bilodeau threw a back double full on the first jump and followed it with an iron cross on the second. Together with the second fastest run of the night he scored 26.75 points to win the gold. With the gold he became the first Canadian to win a Gold Medal in a Canadian-hosted Olympics.

In February 2009, he won four straight World Cup events and was part of two Canadian sweeps of the men’s podium in moguls. He achieved this together with Vincent Marquis and Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau. Following these victories Bilodeau clinched the 2009 overall moguls title on February 20. At the 2009 Freestyle World Championships he finished eighth in the moguls event and followed that by winning gold in the dual moguls.

In 2014, he became the first Canadian to ever win Consecutive Gold Medals by winning in Sochi, Russia. He called his performance “the best” of his career.

Bilodeau wishes to pursue his studies back at home in Quebec and eventually work in the area of finance. He has a very positive, determined and persevering nature and he will charm you with his rich life experience.

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