Josh Dueck

X Games Gold Medalist

Paralympic Silver Medalist, Vancouver 2010

Landed First Backflip Ever on a Sit-Ski

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Josh Dueck

Some spirits are simply unbreakable.

In 2004, Josh was in a life-changing accident that left him as a T11 full paraplegic.

From his hospital bed with the long months of recovery ahead, it was the initial encouragement from his now-mentor Rick Hansen that helped Josh re-dedicate his life to freedom, adventure and helping those that could learn from his example.
By 2009, Josh was the Para-Alpine World Champion, he won a sliver medal in Vancouver 2010 and an X Games gold medal in 2011.

Then, came the backflip.

After a year of planning and progression, Josh, his close friends and a film crew, lead by legendary industry director Mike Douglas, ventured into the Whistler backcountry to build a jump that would help safely land the first backflip on a sit-ski.

Then, on a perfect blue-bird day in February 2012, Josh hit the jump, soared upside down and landed in the soft-snow below.

It also landed Josh on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Today, Josh lives an inspired life as an ambassador for the Rick Hansen Foundation, an engaging speaker, a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award recipient and a 2012 finalist for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year.

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