Dr. Sherry Cooper

Former Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group

Author of Bestseller ‘The New Retirement’

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Dr. Sherry Cooper

Dr. Sherry Cooper is a sought-after speaker, writer and advisor renowned for her ability to simplify and de-mystify the complex issues of economics and finance. Among her many accomplishments, she received the 2010 Lawrence Klein Award for U.S. forecasting accuracy, beating out a panel of 50 leading economists. She was a member of the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association and gives more than 70 speeches and presentations each year. Most recently, Dr. Cooper was appointed the TMX Industry Professor at DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. She is also Chief Economic Counsel to MDC Partners—a Nasdaq-listed global strategic marketing organization based in New York City.

Sherry is now pursuing corporate board appointments and has been chosen as one of the Diversity 50 in 2013 www.boarddiversity.ca/diversity-50. This is a selection by the Canadian Board Diversity Council of the 50 most Board ready diverse candidates in Canada. She is also a member of the Women on Board, a mentorship program. Her mentor and sponsor is Thomas O’Neill, Chairman of the Board of Bell Canada and member of the boards of Loblaws and Toronto Dominion Bank. Sherry has also been sponsored for the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource by William Downe, CEO of BMO Financial Group.

Named “the megawatt celebrity economist” by Canada’s national newspaper –and repeatedly cited as one of the most influential women in Canada, Sherry served as Chief Economist and Executive Vice-President of BMO Financial Group (which includes the Bank of Montreal in Canada and BMO Harris Bank in the U.S.), where she led a highly-respected team of economists. She was responsible for global economic and financial forecasting as well as country-risk and industry-risk analysis. She joined BMO Financial Group in 1994 when it acquired Burns Fry, where she had been Chief Economist, Co-Head of Fixed Income, Vice- Chair and the first woman appointed a Director of a Bay Street investment firm. Frequently quoted in the financial press and interviewed on TV and radio in the U.S. and Canada, Sherry also published her third book in 2008 – The New Retirement: How It Will Change Our Future – which was a block-buster best-seller.

Dr. Cooper has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. She began her career at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. where she worked very closely with then-Chairman, Paul Volcker, a relationship she maintains today. After five years at the Fed, she joined the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) as Director of Financial Economics. Sherry retired from BMO Financial Group in 2013 to consult, write and speak all over the world.

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