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Hostage and Crisis Negotiator

Top Police Interrogator

Educator and Sales Trainer

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Paul Nadeau

Everybody negotiates and everybody sells –daily. It’s what we do as humans to get what we want or need in life and to improve our professional and personal circumstances. Negotiating and selling is as much a part of our lives as reading and writing. Whether professionally or personally, knowing how to negotiate and sell fearlessly and with confidence simply makes sense. J. Paul Nadeau, a former Hostage Negotiator, Professional Interrogator and decorated International Peace Keeper knows how to negotiate and knows how do it well.

As Canada’s most highly recognized Hostage Negotiator, Paul’s daily challenges were to get suspects to admit to heinous crimes, free hostages and surrender to the police and negotiate with people in crisis. For the sales or negotiating professional, your challenge is to get clients to ‘buy into’ your product or service and get them from a ‘No’ or ‘Ground zero’ to a solid ‘Yes’ and close the deal. Paul’s approach to successful business and sales negotiations makes use of a combination of effective hostage negotiation principles and techniques as well as his own proven formula of influence without manipulation, which resulted in a 90% criminal confession rate. Drawing on his 30+ years of professional experience, Paul’s 1 hr. presentation will walk the learner through his tactical, step-by-step scientific and relationship based approach to negotiations which involve 3 key principles: The PIR method (pronounced Peer): Preparation, Intent and Relationship.

Every negotiation component falls into one of these 3 steps. PIR involves being specific about your intent, preparedness and establishing a relationship that focuses on the needs of your client before your own. Among the topics in Paul’s presentation are: Never fearing the word ‘No’ in a negotiation; how ‘win-win’ is most often ‘win-you lose’ and how not to fall victim to it; how emotion affects negotiations and how to identify it and keep it under control; active listening and asking the tough questions; knowing your value and the value of what you have to offer; going from ‘how much bargaining power do we have?’ to balancing the power in the negotiation room and more. One of Paul’s unique offerings is his past: very few people have a past anything like Paul’s. Paul’s past is story rich and as an entertainer, Paul will not only deliver key techniques you and your staff can begin to immediately make use of, he will tell stories to illustrate what he means. As a motivational speaker, you can expect you and your staff to be inspired as a bonus. Author of the acclaimed book “Hostage to Myself” and former TEDx speaker J. Paul Nadeau delivers in each of his lectures. He should be your top choice when considering a communications or negotiations speaker at your next event. “Just Ask!”

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Paul Nadeau