Theo Fleury

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Stanley Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist

Author, “Playing With Fire”

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Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury is perhaps best known for his time on the ice: NHL Stanley Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medal in 2002, World Junior Champion, countless contests, tournaments, goals scored and games won.

In 2009 Theo wrote the best selling novel, “Playing With Fire” in which he tells his story of a troubled home life, years of sexual abuse, coping with pain through drugs and alcohol, overcoming addiction, as well as his meteoric rise and descent in the NHL.

Telling his story enabled Theo to share his darkest moments and to ultimately offer hope and help to the 1 in 5 boys who are sexually abused in Canada. He understands the fear, the pain and the ruined lives of those who are victimized by sexual predators.

Today Theo speaks to thousands of people about his life, he appears on numerous TV programs, radio shows and interviews. Thousands of fans, victims, survivors, Victors and Advocates follow Theo’s inspirational daily updates on Twitter (@TheoFleury14) and on Facebook (Theo Fleury fan page).

From appearing on CBC’s Battle of the Blades in 2010 as a contender to a guest judge for the program, to co-hosting the 2012 Aboriginal Achievement Awards to receiving the Queens Jubilee Medal, from speaking one on one to a fan who tearfully says, “Me too, Theo, me too” the story is heard and healing begins. Theo gives his support to The Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District (SAC), a facility that offers a residential healing program.

Theo Fleury now defines himself as a Victor over abuse and addiction, and helper to those still trying to find their way. His focus and attention is not on controversy or blame, it’s on helping, healing and leading.

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